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New research asks: What are Jamaican youth eating?

JYAN launches poll to understand the nutritional behaviours of Jamaican youth

With recent data showing sharp increases in the rates of non- communicable diseases among Jamaican youth, the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network (JYAN) has launched a poll to gain a better understanding of some of the nutritional behaviours of young people. The poll included questions about the challenges youths and their families experience accessing healthy foods and whether or not warning labels should be placed on foods that are high in fats or sugars.

The health of Jamaican youth continues to be a major area of concern for JYAN due to its far-reaching implications on both individual and national development. The poll was launched on the U-Report social messaging service, established to give Jamaican youth a greater voice on issues that impact their likes. The platform, pioneered by UNICEF, has close to 13,000 ‘U-Reporters’ in Jamaica and in the past has helped stimulate national conversations on issues affecting young people, such as mental health. Jamaicans 13-29 years old are invited to take the poll. They can do so one of three ways:

  1. Text the word FOOD to 876-838-4897 (free for Flow customers)

  2. Send a WhatsApp message with the word FOOD to 876-838-4897

  3. Send a Facebook message with the word FOOD to @ureportjamaica

JYAN looks forward to the results of this poll, which will be used to inform advocacy efforts towards improving the health and nutrition of Jamaican students. Interactive results from this and previous U-Report polls can be accessed online at https://

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